1. If I have performed in Snubfest before can I still apply?

-Only if you have not won the Title of “Last Snob Standing”. If you are an previous winner email angie (at) undertheguntheater.com we can use you as Alumni hosts.

2. Didn’t this use to be part of Chemically Imbalanced Comedy?

-Yes it is the same festival. Angie McMahon, the creator of Snubfest, is now the executive director of Under the Gun Theater.

3. Why the $20 application fee? Didn’t it use to be the price of a postage stamp?

-You know your Snubfest history! Yes it use to be a price of a postage stamp. We thought that was funny. But as the festival has grown and garnered more attention it has become a lot more work. So this $20 just helps with some of the administrative costs of doing all that leg work. Sorry I know it sucks to pay to play, but I tried to keep it reasonable.

4. Is this a contest?

-Yes, we use to also have just a showcase aspect of this. But this year our wonderful presenting sponsor doesn’t have room for as much as we want to do. So this year every show will be a contest. We will have industry judges from each specific genre who will award the prizes.

5. Who are these judges?

-Snubfest brings in judges from major and well renowned stand-up, improv and sketch theaters in Chicago.

6. How much time do we each get?

-Stand Up and Solo get 5min
-Storytelling and Ensemble Sketch 8 min

7. Do I have to have a video to apply?

-Video is required to help keep the standard of performances at Snubfest.

8. Can I get snubbed from Snubfest?

-You can. We have limited slots. The best story I like to tell folks is Michael Palascak got snubbed from Snubfest and he recently filmed a Comedy Central Special. It happens, but don’t worry about it. Everyone gets rejected at some point…that is the point of this festival. The artists who never give up. They tell the world: I have something worthy to share!

9. You didn’t answer my question.

-I guess it isn’t frequently asked then. Shoot me an email at
angie (at )undertheguntheater.com. If I don’t get back to you in 5 days it might be because of spam filters, so please try again.